Jon 墨侨

墨侨(Jon)从80年代开始了他的西班牙吉他演奏,1993年师从西班牙吉他音乐家Manolo Sanlucar。2007到2013年墨侨在马德里生活,在此期间深入参与了各类弗拉明戈艺术的学习和演出活动。
Jon has been playing Spanish guitar since the 1980s and first went to study in Spain with Manolo Sanlucar in 1993. From 2007 to 2013 Jon lived in Madrid, Spain and was exposed many different types of flamenco and Spanish guitar techniques and teachers.

2014年以来墨侨从西班牙移居中国,并与ZhaoZhen,La Perlita de Hunan,Flamenco Fever,Pierre Brahin,Antonio Cruz,Antonio Carrasco和El Coro de La Hermandad del Rocío de Shanghai等人合作过多个不同的演出项目。

Since 2014 Jon has lived in China and collaborated on a number of different projects with ZhaoZhen, La Perlita de Hunan,  Flamenco Fever, Pierre Brahin, Antonio Cruz, Antonio Carrasco and El Coro de La Hermandad de Rocío de Shanghai and others.

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